Don’t Have Enough Day Trading Capital?

I know that many potential traders are held up by not having the capital to day trade. One of the services I worked on during the first 18 months at DTS was finding the absolute best answer to help clients solve this problem …


The Problem – The Pattern Day Trader Rule


Don’t be mad at your broker. The Pattern Day Trader Rule is a FINRA (Federal Insurance Regulatory Authority) rule that started on Sept 8, 2001.

But the bottom line is you cannot buy and sell stocks on the same day over and over. You are basically forced to hold them overnight. 

I personally think this is a bad rule that does not accomplish its purpose, but actually made it worse. Traders then need to find funds they don’t have and then scarily trade with money and lose large accounts. 


Under 25k


People want to day trade but they don’t have the 25k, or they had it but are now just below that level. I have had many come to me for recommendations.

I want to provide every service I can and this has become a big issue for those that want to learn to day trade.

The answer is to become a Proprietary Trader. A ‘Prop’ trader. You have maybe heard the term, it is what many big-name firms use to have several professional traders all trading their one big account. But if you are not yet a trader hired by a big firm, that concept lets you trade your own risk money. 

I have been vetting a firm over the last year and I believe this is THE solution for most.





Prop Trading Highlights:


Minimum $5,000 risk deposit with 10:1 leverage for no experience

95% payout (yes 95)

You can be trading 24-48 hours after your funds are sent

You will be trading real money on day 1 unless you want to start on the simulator

The platform is the Sterling Platform, a top-rated platform for traders

You receive 1099 at the end of the year for income

Your money is held at Chase Bank in New York and is FDIC insured

You can log in to access your trading reports











I want to help you in your trading careers. You do not require to take any education to qualify for this. However, here is a package that may make this the right time for you to do it all.

Prop Trading – DTS Seminar Program Package:


Total payment: $7,750.00

Full DTS Seminar Program – See details HERE

Buying power on day 1 – $30,000.00. Reusable all day unlimited.

Payouts 95% on day 1 (that is not a typo).

One month in the DTS Trading Room included

Use of simulator for 30 days (optional)

Educational seminar on the Sterling Platform.

Your money is held at Chase Bank in New York and is FDIC insured

You can log in to access detailed trading reports