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UPS 18-1028

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AAP 18-1118

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PYPL 18-1209

NKE 18-1216

GE 19-0106

CSCO 19-0113

INTC 19-0127

MO 19-0203

TXN 19-0210

TAL 19-0224

GE 19-0303

CTL 19-0310

GM 19-0317

CVS 19-0324

AMRN 19-0331

HLT 19-0407

AVYA 19-0414

APHA 19-0421

MAT 19-0428

GT 19-0505

GM 19-0512

M 19-0519

HTZ 19-0526

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Market Letter Review Day


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Been a Tough Month??


DTS Trading Room Prep-Busy morning 18-1102



DTS Trading Room MU Trade 19-0111



Market Letter Review Day



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3 Best and 1 Worst Trades 18-0523

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Long Term Trading from A-Z 18-0607

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3 BIG Questions About TA 18-0814

Anniversary Special 18-0912

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The Language of Charts 18-1028

A Moment in Time 19-0109

If I Bring My Umbrella 19-0213

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