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Nov 25, 2023

Taking That Second Swing (When To?)

If you are wondering what the title of this educational article even means, read on. It is a very important topic that I would have to deem as being half technical and half psychological. It does however, apply primarily to daytrading. The concept would still… CLICK TO KEEP READING 


Dec 10, 2023

What a Miss!

DTS Member Impromptu Session Follow Up – Saying you “missed” a trade can have a variety of meanings. You “may’ have missed it. But that is not likely. It “may” be educational to review, if that is your purpose. But most often it shows the trader does NOT have a concept of… CLICK TO KEEP READING 


Dec 20, 2023

Don’t Throw Out That Symbol!!!

Here is an issue I talk a lot about in the DTS Mastering Gaps course, but really applies to all of trading. If a trader does not have the knowledge to recognize a good pattern, it has a two-pronged effect. The most common one, and the most feared one, is that… CLICK TO KEEP READING 


Jan 13, 2024

Daily Chart versus day trading

You just received an email with links to the DTS educational event from Wednesday night. I had a couple email questions after the event I thought I would include a follow-up email to simply address one issue. The basic question was, “how could a daily chart not ever be okay for intraday trading, or what do you want to see… CLICK TO KEEP READING 


Jan 30, 2024

Market Manipulation

Is the market manipulated? This article is going to address that in a very firm positive way. But to answer the question, it will depend on two things. First, how do you define “manipulation”? Second, for what purpose are you asking the question? I’ve addressed the topic indirectly in many forms but let me give you … CLICK TO KEEP READING 

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