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March 19, 2019

Favorite Trading Concept

This is an example of a favorite concept of mine. It is something I look for every day. Since this is intended for somebody who is not in the trading room with me or taking the seminar program I wanted to give you an idea of how I apply the technical concepts …. C LICK TO KEEP READING 


March 22, 2019

A Simple Example of the Edge I Always Look For

The concept shown is this video is playing a stock with a nice pattern, but timing it with a market bias. If you trade the market …. CLICK TO KEEP READING


June 08, 2019

The Grass is Always Greener

I am reminded of the stories of successful people, but two different stories. On one hand successful people are always prepared for anything. They always have a backup plan, a way out, and…. CLICK TO KEEP READING


July 15, 2019

Day Trading and Swing Trading, There’s a Big Difference

Every night I scan “a bunch” of charts on the daily time frame looking for setups that are called “swing setups”. However you probably …. CLICK TO KEEP READING 


July 16, 2019

What Do You Have On Your Screen?

This little lesson applies to long term trading/investing as well as day trading. I am going to use the day trading example from yesterday …. CLICK TO KEEP READING 


July 28, 2019

Follow Up to Tuesday Evening’s Special Event

Many of you were in attendance Tuesday night for ‘Strategy vs. Speculation… One of the big things I preach over and over is…. CLICK TO KEEP READING 


Sept 21, 2019

Strategy, entry, trading futures?

I am sending this to all members with a two-fold purpose. First, it is a reiteration of my many comments about…. CLICK TO KEEP READING 


Sept 23, 2019

Follow up Comments

I had a couple follow up comments to yesterday’s educational email, regarding the pros and cons of futures. Let me emphasize what…. CLICK TO KEEP READING 


Oct 07, 2019

One Quick Thought

If you are new to trading / investing or new to doing it on your own, you may be taking the approach of doing things very differently while learning. It’s likely you were even taught…. CLICK TO KEEP READING 


Oct 22, 2019


To make money you need to know how to read charts. Period. It’s that simple and there is no discussion…. CLICK TO KEEP READING 


Nov 19, 2019

 The Use of ‘Gaps’ in Trading

To make money you need to know how to read charts. Period. It’s that simple and there is no discussion…. CLICK TO KEEP READING 


Feb 11, 2020

Good Trading is Boring

One of the most difficult things for me to get across to experienced traders is that good trading is boring. For new traders it’s not difficult, it’s impossible. That’s why…. CLICK TO KEEP READING 


Feb 21, 2020

Thoughts on How to Use a (any) Trading Room

I have more than an opinion on this, I think I have the correct answer. I personally am the type …. CLICK TO KEEP READING 


Mar 18, 2020

The Market Situation

Except for a couple months here and there the charts of been accurately readable for as long as I can remember. As many of you know I have had…. CLICK TO KEEP READING 


Mar 20, 2020

The Most Important Thing About Day Trading

This is simply giving you an example of what I think the most important thing is to day trading. If you’re out trading on your own or …. CLICK TO KEEP READING 


Apr 04, 2020

The Aftermath

Once we get to the aftermath of the coronavirus there will perhaps be some changes that stay with us. I have to think that all of these will be good changes because they come about from a learning process …. CLICK TO KEEP READING 


May 25, 2020

Follow Up to ‘The Market Situation’

There are people and/or institutions who try to make a name for themselves purely for commercial reasons and to call …. CLICK TO KEEP READING 


May 31, 2020

A Break Out that ‘Failed’

Here is the daily chart of HD as it looked before open on May 29. Note that the high two days prior and seven days prior …. CLICK TO KEEP READING 


Aug 29, 2020

Proper Day Trading

This is a very simple short comment that does apply to all traders/investors to some extent, but was aimed to specifically to day traders. This was sent in a ‘Note to the Room’ which goes out …. CLICK TO KEEP READING 


Nov 9, 2020

A Mistake that KILLS many day traders

This is a trade from today. It was a short of the market. The chart shown below is the SPY, I use the futures but typically find and manage the trade …. CLICK TO KEEP READING 


Nov 12, 2020

The Scanning for Day Trades Session Tuesday Night

You should be scanning for very specific patterns. They naturally may be different according to your unique preferences but you should have a firm set of standards in mind for …. CLICK TO KEEP READING 


Nov 13, 2020

Today’s Trading and Morning Prep in the DTS Trading Room

If you struggled as a day trader today, it may be because you had the wrong market bias, or just a bad watchlist. I had a clear bias today so recorded the morning prep …. CLICK TO KEEP READING 


Feb 3, 2021

Using a Trading Room

To some of you the words “day trading” may have a negative connotation because you’ve perhaps been in rooms where the trades last seconds and they are impossible to participate in and you feel …. CLICK TO KEEP READING 


Mar 24, 2021

What is Consistent Trading?

I will sometimes have a newer member to the room who sits through a week of trading and then makes an email request to me. He or she wants every day to be more uniform. They like to see …. CLICK TO KEEP READING 


May 16, 2021

My Favorite Movie for Traders

If you have listened to me speak more than once you probably noticed that on many topics, I’m very emphatic. There’s nothing to discuss. It’s not because I’m stubborn or illogical, is because there …. CLICK TO KEEP READING 


May 30, 2021

A Few Hard Facts

Training/investing for yourself is about making money. It’s not about feeling good. It’s not about excuses. It is a business that deserves to be planned and executed the same as if you are building a …. CLICK TO KEEP READING 


June 23, 2021

Improving Your Odds Daytrading

An amazing concept if you are not aware… I personally like both daytrading and long term investing. But this article is about a simple way to improve your odds daytrading. This was meant to go out earlier in the week, the charts below refer to…. CLICK TO KEEP READING 

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