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April 18, 2023

Another Example of “A versus C+”

The name of the stock has been withheld for the moment.. You can see… There is a black arrow with the letter “A” which is by the last bar on the chart and the focal point of this discussion. What are your… CLICK TO KEEP READING 


June 30, 2023

My Least Favorite Setup

Every once in a while trading is like golf. It has some similarities. When you are trading, it often comes down to a battle with yourself, or a “battle between your ears”, just like in golf. And for me there is another similarity. No matter how bad you shoot, if on the 18th fairway you hit that 3 wood 230 yards on to the green, you are coming back. You you better believe that is the only shot you… CLICK TO KEEP READING 

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