Just a few comments from former clients, members, mentees, and colleagues…

I trade (exclusively) S&P500 emini futures… I have been trading for about 25 years… Over those years, I’ve invested (literally) 10’s of thousands of $’s for “education”, and even more $’s into lost funds in closed trading accounts. Until recently, I’ve NOT had positive results to report in my annual tax return…!!! Why? Because I’ve been a sucker for the “make a million from this simple three bar method”, or “trade only 1 hour a day with this indicator”…!!!
Paul Lange does NOT use that “dare devil” talk — he says simply: “Learn how to read the charts!” Can you imagine anything so simple? Not cookie cutter patterns to trade, not head-and-shoulders, not counting legs in a trend — Just learn how to (actually!) read the charts and realize that the stories that they tell about the epic battles between the bulls and the bears in this war for domination may actually give you insight into better odds for future trading opportunities…!!!
I had met Paul earlier through another organization for which he worked. At that organization, he was, as is everyone employed by any company, required to follow the corporate presentation methodology. Then, he broke away recently to present HIS own “personal” experiences, milled down to 3 relatively inexpensive seminars, teaching traders where and how to get an edge in the markets. For that initial fee, I’ve attended his seminars 8 times, and STILL learned something new even in my most recent attendance! When I have questions, Paul is available to answer them.
Paul’s presentations and the difficult mental strain to UN-learn the crap from my past have allowed me to bask in positive trades…!!!
Thank you, Paul…!!! – glenn



I have known you since 2009, ten years now, and I know you as one of the clearest thinking traders and educators out there. I have seen just about all of them. You work with a precise methodology and a solid emotional manner. You can quote me, if somebody is on the fence or not doing well with their investments or trades they will do well to follow you. – Wouter


Paul’s technical analysis ability and teaching is at least three levels deeper than others. He is able to decipher the chart formation and the message and implication one level deeper beneath the Support and Resistance surface. Not all are created equal, they all are based on a different set of factors. Even one more level deeper is seeing the pent up forces or lack thereof even deeper beneath the surface. Based on the chart formation, he can even call out where it will likely go to a larger extent.
His daily market letter is amazingly accurate with a “home run” as the norm. He calls out a set of likely scenarios ahead of the market open based on the charts and the likely opening price. When there is not a clear pattern, just sit on your hand or play accordingly from the Technical Analysis skills imparted from him. See his videos on Market Letter Analysis day for yourself. His market calling on turning points is equally amazing. See his video recordings of “Bookmark on the Market” for yourself.
The chart does not lie. So are his track records on the Daily Market Letter and Market Turning Calls among others. With unlimited retakes on his courses and the on-going services and free education you are immersing upon, the holistic and deeper technical skills will eventually become yours over time on your journey. – Tony T.



Hey Paul,
I have been remiss in writing this:
I have been involved in trading and investing for over 35 years. I have worked on Wall St, then started trading for myself in the ’90’s. I have a PhD in economics, which has helped me see into some macro trends in the stock, bond, currency and options market, but didn’t give me much of an edge in short term trading.
Paul Lange has taken my trading to another level. He is a great teacher, one of those rare individuals who are natural teachers. He really wants his students to do well and it shows in the extra effort he puts in.
I highly recommend the DTS trading room and Paul’s market comments in his letters.
Lorraine K.


I don’t think I’ve ever really thanked you for everything. You are an incredible trader and teacher. I finally fully understand that.

When your not in the market everyday it’s hard to get and grasp your genius. I am not just thanking you because I had a great month, but I realized this week that what you have thought me is not a cookie cutter trading routine, but you gave me the tools to trade in any environment. Every time you speak I learn something new.

I haven’t been with the market consistently so I don’t know of any other trading environment besides the one we are in, and to my understanding it’s not the easiest. But your ability to find opportunities every single day besides the gap list still astonishes me. – Mirnes