Services Agreement



The DTS Trading Room:

Welcome to the DTS Trading Room. Before you pay for any service I want to make sure you clearly understand what to expect. Please read this over and email me back saying that you understand and/or agree!

  1. The room will open at approximately 8:30 AM EST Monday through Friday. I typically will be on the mic around 9 o’clock on a typical day.
  2. You should expect the room to be open and operate normally with me on the mic majority of the time until around noon. At noon you should expect the room to close, although I may opt to handle things differently. I may choose to leave the room open and unmoderated to let members chat. I may choose to have a second person monitor the room or perhaps even do some moderating. The policy may also change from day to day depending upon what’s going on in the afternoon. Any of the above would be a bonus situation. For purposes of this notice, you should assume the room closes at noon.
  3. While I am sure everyone will be happy, I want to make sure there’s no misunderstanding or incorrect expectations for the value paid by members for their subscriptions if I am out of the room for periods of time. For this purpose, your expectation the that I am in the room four days a week and that I will take four weeks’ vacation every year. While that should be your expectation, the truth is I will likely be there five days a week and occasionally take a three-day weekend. When I am absent, the expectation should be that the room is closed but as discussed above I may opt for other possibilities depending upon the situation.
  4. You may cancel your month-to-month subscription at any time. You will not be charged for the following month as long as you cancel five days prior to the first of the next month. The month is not refundable once you pay for it.