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Thursday Jan 23rd @5:00-6:00 PM ET…

Long Term Trading-Investing
Review & Analysis
Part ll



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Some people are able to daytrade but EVERYONE is interested in long term trading (investing). DTS is about both the long and short term. This is a unique environment and this session will cover EVERYTHING” –Paul.


Paul Will Discuss:

  • This is a follow up to last weeks event as there was too much information for one session.
  • We will look at some specific rules and ideas for managing the long term by yourself and review many questions from last week.
  • Chart review of several of the current Long Term Trader positions.


With recent chart examples of strategic concepts…


Covered LAST week in Part l …

You can view Part 1 HERE on the Free Stuff Page (prior events – at the end)

  • Trading means you have defined entries, stops, management and the difference between ‘buy and hold’.
  • Financial planners are a GOOD idea.
  • Mutual funds are a BAD idea and why 93% can’t even keep up with the market.
  • How the current economic environment of ‘no’ interest rates has posed many problems for investors and how to handle.
  • The one area that you should deviate (maybe) from your financial planner ideas because they are not objective or skilled in this one area.
  • Why the market does NOT have to be a risky proposition when you know how to handle it – even with limited experience.

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