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Wednesday July 10th @5:00-6:00 PM ET…

Scalping is a Time Frame NOT a Strategy 

But this important talk actually applies to ANY time frame including long term…


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“I had a hard time with this title. The topic applies to all time frames, but it is most frequently a problem for those that consider themselves intraday scalpers. And the problem can end careers. It is hard to explain in a few lines so you will have to tune in to get the whole story, but it involves tying money and chart management into a strategy and a terrible mistake most traders make, intraday and long term.”  –Paul


Discuss Points:

  • Charts and demonstrations will be used to look at a common thought process most traders go through that can become a huge problem for traders.
  • We will discuss how it can end careers, and often does, and naturally how to avoid and/or fix the problem.

With recent chart examples of strategic concepts…


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