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Wednesday June 24th – @5:00-6:00 PM ET…

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“As many of you know I have been on an endeavor to train people in technical analysis at a level that is beyond what most would even believe is possible. Few realize how much there is to actually learn in order to make money. I do all I can to help those trying to learn on their own as many people simply do not have the time or resources to fully commit to learning how to trade.

But many often take shortcuts and follow comments that are frequently cited by losing traders. To the extent that you have time to learn, at least learn the proper things, not things that will hurt you” –Paul


Paul Will Discuss:

  • Examples some common sayings that hurt people.
  • Types of trades that are not what they seem.
  • Remember that the adage is that 90% of traders who enter the market thinking it is simple, fail, I don’t doubt this is significantly true and it simply means you have to be different.

With recent chart examples of strategic concepts…


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