DTS Trading Room Trial Policy



Hello to you , the one who is interested in a free trial. Here is the policy:

For the DTS Trading Room:

The problem (if you care) – I am running a serious chat room. The imposition of trial members can be intrusive and free trials are abused throughout the industry. For as many Google emails as you can create, you can take more trials. Yet, there are legitimate new people who want to see what the trading room is about. I want to help traders who need help, not spend my time trying to prevent people from getting into a trading room for the entire year for free.

The answer (my answer) – I’m going to offer a ONE TIME one-week trial for $9.99. If you don’t like the trial, simply email me and state “that week was not worth 10 bucks” and your money will be refunded absolutely no questions asked. Most of you will understand that the idea is not to collect $9.99, but rather prevent people from multiple sign-ups. The goal is to allow somebody who is serious about trading to sample the room for a week for next to nothing. If you have a legitimate issue arise during the week, simply email me to get some extra time. 

If this does not suit you and you are serious about learning, email me and let me know why. Additionally, we ‘may’ have a 1-2 day open house every year.

Yes, the form will state that it will be set up to auto-renew; just cancel before the week is up if you don’t want to do that.