The DTS Seminar Program

“I like to call what I teach “the language of charts”. It is about technical analysis. While I like Equities (fancy name for stocks) and Futures, it also applies to Forex, Commodities, and the market itself. Yes this is also where you learn how to use options, but that is not really difficult. 

It is a program. It is called that because it is NOT “take a seminar then go away.” As a matter of fact, you can’t learn to trade/invest after one seminar. That is why I insist you retake them, both live and with the Home Study, for as long as you need. You won’t have a good handle on things until your first retake.” – Paul

You will be blown away by what you learn..

It is a program because it IS a commitment by Paul to get you to learn how to trade or invest. Besides retakes, there is the Practical Application and Review Day every seminar cycle. This allows you to see how what is taught in the seminars is used EVERY trading day. And you have access to Paul to review your progress. How do you evaluate your own trades when you are learning? You can’t…


Main Highlights

  • Three one day classes taught live online on three consecutive Saturdays every 6-12 weeks.
  • A class on Options has also been added to the program taught every 9-12 months.
  • With all the fat removed – this is what you need to know, and everything you need to know.
  • Unlimited retakes and the follow up to make you successful at trading/investing.
  • Practical Application and Review Days and access to Paul for trade review. 
  • Manuals for each class averaging 200 pages each are partially redacted as workbooks.
  • The DTS Home Study Program is included; read about it below. 

Compliments – Thank you…

I have been involved in trading and investing for over 35 years. I have worked on Wall St, then started trading for myself in the ’90’s. I have a PhD in economics, which has helped me see into some macro trends in the stock, bond, currency and options market, but didn’t give me much of an edge in short term trading.

Paul Lange has taken my trading to another level. He is a great teacher, one of those rare individuals who are natural teachers. He really wants his students to do well and it shows in the extra effort he puts in.

I highly recommend the DTS trading room and Paul’s market comments in his letters. – Lorraine K.

A long time student of yours recently introduced me to you and DTS. I owe him a big thank you. I’ve been a member of your room a few weeks now and took the first of your 3 seminars with you the other day. I’ve been trading a long time with mixed results. You have already upped my game in a meaningful way and I feel much more confident in my ability to be successful, regardless of up, down or sideways markets.

Lastly, I appreciate your focus on just the essentials and not selling indicators and endless gimmicks that add nothing to long term success. Keep up the great work and thanks again. I look forward to the next 2 webinars.” -HR.

The 3 Main Seminars

Click on each to view the table of contents…




Taught live online every 8-10 weeks. Repetition is necessary to learn – you get unlimited retakes of any seminar…

Also included is the Mastering Options Course
Taught about every 9 months


See the Seminar Calendar HERE 




The DTS Home Study Program

A professional college / corporate LMS platform for learning the seminar program material (LMS stands for learning management system)…


  • This is part of the DTS Seminar Program – not a separate offering.
  • It is a full learning management system for every course DTS offers in its seminar program. 
  • This is great for the repetition that is needed. It is recommended to attend at least two live classes and as many Home Study retakes as you can. 
  • This is also perfect for those that consider themselves slower learners, need lots of repetition, or cannot make Saturday classes for whatever reason. 
  • You can view unlimited times but it is for your personal use and you are restricted to using it from one location (one IP location). 


Compliments – Thank you…

Hi Paul, I recently completed the final home study course – gaps and I felt compelled to email you. I want to thank you for putting these courses together for us. Being able to review the material at my pace and at times that are convenient for me has been immensely helpful in my understanding of the material & has given me many “lightbulb” moments. I don’t believe these courses could have been put together any better than you did them. Each time I review them I feel like I am back in the seminar. Your sides & explanation of each one are awesome! I hope this email reflects how grateful I am for the ability to have these courses. Thanks again! – Bruce V



To hear a short video with more details about the Home Study, the plusses and minuses of live versus home study, and a summary of ALL the resources you have available to you in the DTS Seminar Program click HERE.

Want to hear a sample?

Click  to listen and view a sample of the Mastering Advanced Tactics Course


  • This is a 4 minute sample from the second course, Mastering Advanced Tactics.
  • It is from pages 47-48 of the manual and is discussed around 11:00 am. The seminars run from 8:30 am est to about 600 pm est. 
  • When in the class you are in a high tech online room where you can type questions and see other questions, as well as see the slides, live charts, and a white board as needed. 

CLICK HERE to listen and view. 

Follow Up

Is CRITICAL to learning…


  • Every seminar cycle there is a Practical Application and Review day for all grads. This uses trades as examples to show how the seminar concepts are used every single trading day and how to use them properly…
  • Also every seminar cycle is the How to Scan for Day Trades evening (and swing trades).
  • Access to Paul for trade review
  • Access to Paul for Trading Plan review


Pathway to Success

The 100 Day Seminar Program Schedule…

  • How long does it take to learn to read charts? 

  • Obviously it varies from person to person and the time committed.

  • But you can view the schedule that is used for Seminar Students  HERE 




Paul’s Comments on Seminars

Not what you might think >>>
Also read the home page, scroll down to ‘Warning’



For more info or to sign up visit the website services tab

Price is $2297 per class OR $6444 for the entire program. 
There are not ‘add-ons’ – you cannot pay more than $6444


A Final Note

Sign up IF and WHEN you are ready…

  • There is NO hurry. No special offer. There will never be a sale.
  • No pressure, no one will ever get a better deal.
  • You sign up when you are ready…
  • You will know when you are ready!
  • View the schedule  HERE 


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